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Grant Regional Health Center is affiliated with HealthTech. Working in partnership with hospital boards, health care providers and employees, HealthTech seeks to build health care systems that are locally focused and nationally recognized as the standard by which community hospitals are judged. With this association, Grant Regional Health Center gains access to an array of financial, strategic, professional and support services, in addition to HealthTech's 30 years of experience with community health care facilities. Grant Regional Health Center’s administrative team and board of directors work closely with HealthTech to ensure the delivery of top-quality health care.

Nicole Clapp, Director of Patient Care ServicesNicole Clapp

President and CEO

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Jennifer RutkowskiJennifer Rutkowski

Vice President of Professional Services

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Dawn BandyDawn Bandy

Chief Financial Officer

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Grant Regional Health Center Board of Directors 2016-2017

Board of Directors

Front row: Mark Hoehne, Kelley Adam, Bob Hoffman, Terri Abing, Tom Gildersleeve

Back row: Jessica Varnam, David Kurihara, Tom Vondrum, Jessica Hermsen, Eric Stader, Ted Schacht, Nicole Clapp

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