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The Early Years - Support & Education for Parents

Introducing The Early Years Group A monthly group dedicated to supporting & growing the knowledge of parents with infants and soon-to-be parents.

• Open to anyone!
• No cost to attend.
• New topic each month.
• Light snacks and beverages provided.

February Educational Topics & Presenters:

Post-Partum Exercises Lindsey Halverson, PT, DPT

"As a physical therapy I enjoy working with moms throughout the whole process of pregnancy, and postpartum whether that is recent or years in the past. We work on exercises to retrain your core to help reestablish the needed strength and stability for the lumbar spine as well as pelvis. We also work through stretching and improving flexibility to prevent injury. Another aspect of taking care of a mom in all stages of pregnancy and childcare is looking at the importance of posture and lifting techniques. Through the family support classes I will give you some starting information and exercises to work on building strength, flexibility, and improving overall mobility and health."

*Please bring a yoga mat or beach towel. We will demonstrate some floor stretches and you may want to follow along.

Mental Well-Being Brittney Stelpflug, MSW, CAPSW

As a mental health therapist, Brittney enjoys focusing on self-care, stress management and improving coping skills. Parenting can be challenging and lonely at times. During this session we will review strategies for reducing stress, introduction of meditation and mindfulness.


Feb 21

March 13