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The Spooners

We are so grateful for our all of our wonderful donors, who partner with us by supporting our efforts to provide the highest quality care and services to our communities! Donors like Lon and Becky Spooner from Cassville. Here is a little about them:

Lon and Becky were both born and raised in the Twin Cities. About 30 years ago, they moved to Chicago due to job opportunities, eventually hoping to find some property in the Cassville, WI area to build a second home and ultimately retire there. "We are both big fans of the river and the scenery," Lon said. "I do have some ties to the area, my dad's family was all from the Nelson, WI, Wabesha, MN and Kellogg, MN area. My dad was the youngest of 12 kids, after returning from WW II, he didn't want to farm so he decided to move to the Twin Cities and start a life there. Growing up, we would return to the Nelson, WI area for events and I fell in love with the river bluff area. I always had a desire to live here, so when the opportunity arose back in 2000 to buy a piece of property on the river in Cassville, I spent a lot of time driving up and down the river to find the right one to start building. I also learned that a cousin and her family on my dad's side had a business in Cassville in the 1930s, a saw mill" he added. When asked what the Spooners enjoy most about their community they explained, "This area provides a lot of natural beauty and opportunity for outdoor recreation, Cassville is a "best kept secret." When we first moved here, we didn't know anyone, but through building our home, we go to know more people and realized there wasn't a lot of business around to support the recreational opportunities in the area, so we opened the sporting goods store." Lon and Becky have also been involved in a number of community projects to help to boost tourism. "When we first came here we realized there were so many boats up and down the river, but no docks for people to stop and enjoy the town, so we were a part of getting docks put in." Lon said.

When asked what prompts them to give back, they said "We didn't come from money, we had to earn it ourselves. Any time you are a young couple trying to establish yourself in business, we got to a point where we decided it's time to give some of this back. When we first moved here, much of our efforts were into helping the town boost tourism. We donated money to the park to do improvements and some other projects. Then we decided to widen our scope to more than just Cassville, to see what we can do for Grant County." Becky talked about why they chose to support Grant Regional Health Center. "A year ago, Lon fell and broke his ankle. He was taken by ambulance to GRHC and immediately needed surgery. This was my first experience at Grant Regional. I was so impressed with everything at the hospital. They have friendly, professional staff, quality doctors and they have specialists there. I was very impressed especially since this is a regional type of hospital, coming from Chicago with the teaching hospitals. His level of care was fantastic. We saw the donor board, and thought "wow", we would like to keep this going and help keep this level of service for the hospital. I also have a background working for a company that supports several medical device companies. I am familiar with having products in hospitals and it's important to make sure we have good health care." When asked what they wished to share with other potential supporters Lon said "I think we are lucky to have such a fine facility in this area and we want to maintain that." Becky added "There is always a new service the hospital is providing and I would hate to lose that quality of service because it's right here in our backyard." Lon said "You don't have to go to Dubuque or Prairie du Chien, we have everything right here. If you are in our age group and if you have resources, I think that you need to consider those people who have touched your life in one way or another and provided help and support to you. You should really think about giving back a little for the blessings that got you where you are. You can't take it with you."

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