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Don't delay emergency care

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, emergencies unrelated to COVID-19 still happen.

But a troubling trend is emerging. People with warning signs of a heart attack, stroke or other crisis are putting off going to the emergency room (ER). They're afraid of catching COVID-19.

That fear can cost lives. Fast treatment in an emergency often raises the odds of survival. And it lowers the risk of serious complications from an illness or injury.

That's why no one should delay emergency care.

Your safety comes first

Our hospital is committed to keeping you safe in our ER. We have steps in place to help keep COVID-19 from spreading. We:

  • Have a separate ER entrance for anyone who thinks they may have COVID-19.
  • Screen all patients before they enter the ER for signs of COVID-19.
  • Treat people with COVID-19 symptoms in a separate area of the ER.
  • Use separate providers for anyone with COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Consult with specialists via video, rather than in person.
  • Use protective equipment to avoid spreading infections among patients.

You can count on us for safe care when you need it most. If you think it's an emergency, please don't wait. Call 911.

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