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Employee Spotlights

Grant Regional Health Center is proud to have Southwest Wisconsin's finest healthcare professionals on our team. Consistently ranked in the top 95% for patient satisfaction, we provide our patients with exceptional care and personalized attention—it's part of our culture and our mission to care for our communities. It's what we do. It's who we are. Experience the difference.

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Have you met Cheyenne? Cheyenne is one of our rock star Registration Specialists. You can usually find her assisting patients in the Rehab Department or the Emergency/Walk-in Care Department. Cheyenne grew up in Cassville, WI, which is only a short hike from Lancaster, and she is glad to be a familiar face for many patients! When asked why she chose to work at Grant Regional, Cheyenne said, "I chose to work at Grant Regional because of its track record. Whether you hear it from a previous/current patient or another employee, they all have the same opinion of our hospital – its great!"

Since beginning to work at Grant Regional, she says her opinion has only increased, "The culture of caring for patients here is top notch. You get treated like family and everyone is willing to take an extra step to make sure you’re getting the best possible care." Cheyenne started her position in the Summer of 2021, and within just a few short months began to feel like her coworkers are part of her extended family which makes coming to work much more pleasant and far less stressful!


Have you met Katie? Katie is an RN and was recently promoted to the role of ED (Emergency Dept.) Manager! Katie chose to work at Grant Regional because of the family-like culture, and the level of compassion and high-quality care that is given to patients in our rural setting. As a nurse at GRHC, she has crafted a vast skill set by working with patients at various stages in their lives. There have been days where she's spent a morning with elderly patients, and by the end of the day, assists in the delivery of a baby! But as Katie describes, having co-workers that are like a second family makes even the hard days in the field of nursing much better.

"I have never worked somewhere else where everyone just truly cares about you. The best part of this hospital is that everyone from maintenance, to dietary, to the doctors and everyone in between, truly care about you as a person and look out for your well being. I have also never worked somewhere that the administrators actually knew my name, came around throughout the day and checked on us and were so readily available to help. All of our units work so well together helping wherever and however they can even when they aren't required to do so. The physicians have a mutual respect for us nurses and I feel so comfortable coming to them with questions and ideas."


Have you met Shelly? She is our Lead Inpatient/Swing Bed Physical Therapist at Grant Regional Health Center. Shelly works closely with inpatients within the Swing Bed program, helping them regain strength and independence after recent injuries, surgeries, or other health complications.

Shelly grew up in Lancaster and admired the expansion of GRHC in recent years. When a position became available, she didn’t think twice about applying! Especially after hearing so many compliments from employees who reached out to her to apply. She describes their pride in the organization as “contagious!”

Shortly after she started at GRHC, she recalls telling a family member that even though she’d only worked here a week – she already felt like she’d been here for years! She shared that she felt welcomed immediately for who she is, and that people from every department made efforts to get to know her.

Shelly admires the fact that everyone in the organization has a voice, which creates trust throughout the facility and elevates patient care. “Patient care comes before everything here” says Shelly, “There is a preconceived notion that you have to go to a large organization to receive exceptional care. I could not disagree with that more after watching our care team work together. The organization truly cares about the patient as a whole, and each person gives their all to make sure you are provided the highest standard of care.”

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