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MyChart Updates - February 2022

Grant Regional Health Center to Transition to MyUnityPoint as Its Electronic Health Record System Vendor for The MyChart® Epic® Patient Portal System.

Grant Regional has been offering patients MyChart® access since 2017. MyChart® by Epic® is an online patient portal with a variety of features that allow for easy access to a patient’s test results, bills, and more. Starting February 20, 2022, the online portal will be through MyUnityPoint. This new platform will look and feel almost identical to what patients have experienced with the current MyChart, but will over time have more features available and have more support options available.

Key dates for you to know:

  • After 2/4/22, you will need to call to schedule an appointment. Appointments temporarily cannot be scheduled using my chart.
  • After 2/17/22, you temporarily will not be able to send a message to their provider through the MyChart.
  • After 2/20/22, you will need to create a new account through MyUnityPoint if you wish to utilize the available features.
  • You can also sign up for MyUnityPoint before 2/20/22, but some features may be temporarily limited until you have future interactions with Grant Regional Health Center.
  • Our patients will continue to receive and view statements for services prior to 2/20 and can continue to make payment through the current MyChart.

Please note Grant Regional Health Center is an independent hospital, we are not owned by Unity Point Health, but have chosen them as our vendor for this service as described above.

For questions on the current MyChart you may call: (608) 723-1495

For non-urgent medical questions, please call: (608) 723-2143

To schedule an appointment at one of our clinics call: (608) 723-2131

For medical emergencies, always dial 911 or visit your nearest Emergency Room.

For questions and support related to the NEW, MyUnityPoint patient portal, you may contact the support team at (877) 224-4430 or send an email to support at:

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