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Community responders recognized for amazing service

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Left to right: Steve Braun, Grant County Emergency Management; Dave Smith, GRHC President/CEO; Ashley & Matt Abing, Lancaster EMS; Lisa Allen, GRHC RN; Stephanie & Derek Moore, Lancaster EMS; Dena Wood, GRHC RN. (Missing Dalton Maier, Lancaster PD; Adam Day, Grant County Officer)

Dave Smith, President/CEO:
At Grant Regional, we know it takes a team to provide exceptional care for our patients. Today we are very proud and honored to shine the spotlight on a team of experts that many times, begins important life-saving measures long before patients enter our doors and we get involved. This team includes area emergency responders and our local police officers. The dedication and commitment to serving others - that they showed in the early morning hours of March 27 - is simply remarkable. They might shrug it off and say "that's what we do, that's why we're here" but we feel it's deserving of so much more. You have served our communities countless hours in unimaginable situations - and this night, this particular situation, reminds us of how important our community healthcare team really is. This includes EMS, fire, police - everyone who works in collaboration with our healthcare team of providers, nurses and clinical staff. Each of you are a vital link to serving our patients and providing the very best care for our communities.

Dena Wood:
We'd like to recognize the collaborative effort that I was privileged to witness and was a part of that night. It was (Saturday, April 2) - I had worked a 9 hour shift that day and was planning to stay into the next shift and go home at midnight if things were quiet. (Things...were...not...quiet) Around midnight, we had an OB present unexpectedly and then was prepped for c-section. It was shortly after 1 AM when an ER patient with possible cardiac arrest was brought in by squad. With a myriad of other situations happening in the hospital including 8 patients on Med/Surg, limited staff at that time of the morning and another OB on her way in -- on top of all that -- we learned Med Flight was unable to fly due to weather conditions. This is when I remember thinking - I'm definitely where I need to be right at this moment! I recall it all vividly – our ER team: Dr. Williams, Carolyn Scholl, and Lisa Allen – and the sheer determination on everyone's part to save a life. In the tense minutes and hours that followed, no one gave up. No one. I saw Officers Adam Day and Dalton Maier performing CPR (the entire time), and Steve Braun, Emergency Management was instrumental by spending hours making calls and trying to arrange transport. Lancaster EMS members Stephanie and Derek Moore, and Matt and Ashley Abing were so supportive, assisting with the family, CPR, and much more. When our staff was stretched thin across the hospital - they stayed and offered that helping hand that we needed and truly appreciated. Steve went above and beyond the call of duty, when he arranged, as a last resort, to have Matt Abing drive to Mineral Point and bring back the Med Flight crew to GRHC - so that the ER patient could be safely transported by squad and transferred to Dubuque. Derek and Stephanie Moore transported the patient to Dubuque and then drove the Med Flight crew back to Mineral Point before they returned to Lancaster in the very early morning hours. On behalf of everyone here and especially those involved that night, I'd like to extend my deepest gratitude.

Dave Smith:
From each of us to each of you - we want you to know how very much your service and dedication is appreciated! It's important to us to recognize your extraordinary efforts in support of caring for our patients. We know that you'd do this again, probably without blinking an eye and that's what makes Lancaster and surrounding communities so special. You are heroes in our book! On behalf of everyone here at Grant Regional Health Center - we THANK YOU!!