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Happy Retirement, Dr. Erin Huebschman!

Monday, May 22, 2023
Friday, May 19th marked a historic milestone for Dr. Erin Huebschman, her last day serving at Grant Regional Health Center. She was showered with a mixture of confetti, tears, hugs, and endless amounts of gratitude from all her coworkers at Grant Regional Health Center, and many patients, friends, and family from the Lancaster community and beyond.

Dr. Huebschman joined Grant Regional Community Clinic in 2004. Dr. Huebschman has delivered nearly 1,000 babies in the Lancaster community and has impacted more patients than can truly be measured. Several of her coworkers have been with her since her first day, including Molly Weigel (currently Clinic Manager). In recognizing the impact of Dr. Huebschman on herself and the many patients served, Molly said, “I am very fortunate for everything she has taught me, and for all of the lives she has touched here – it’s amazing. She’s taught us a lot about being a good person, and being dedicated to your work and patients.”

Prior to her last day, Erin’s letter to her patients read as follows...

“During the past 19+ years, I have poured out my energy and soul to provide the highest quality health care to the Lancaster community. I know that I have given my all (125%) and realize the toll that has taken on me. It is now time to take care of myself and do things on my own schedule, instead of the deliveries, admissions, and phone calls that have dictated my life and taken me away from personal activities and plans for so many years.” Dr. Huebschman continues, “It has been an honor to develop long-term relationships with so many of my patients. I have been a part of some of the most exciting times in the lives of my patients as I have participated in nearly 1000 births. I have also ‘walked’ beside my patients as they have experienced trials and tribulations by lending support and a listening ear. I have been privileged to also be present at the end of life, a very profound experience that I have been honored to share with patients and their loved ones. I have particularly enjoyed the opportunity to provide care to multiple generations. I trust that I have positively impacted many lives, and I could not have provided this care without the outstanding colleagues and staff at Grant Regional Health Center.”

Dr. Erin Huebschman also encourages patients to plan ahead for future health needs and stay on top of any concerns by finding a new Primary Care Provider. They include Family Practice/Obstetrics - Dr. Kim Perttu and Dr. David Casillas Plazola; Family Practice – Dr. Eli James, and coming soon Dr. Ron White; Abby Allen, PA-C; Abigail Burns, APNP; Rachel Loeffelholz, APNP, Kelly Muench, PA-C; and Kate Reuter, APNP. She adds, “I am confident that the outstanding practitioners will continue to provide excellent care to the community.”

We appreciate her many years of dedication and commitment to our hospital, patients and community and we are happy for her as she turns the page to her next chapter. We thank Dr. Huebschman for all she has done over the years to help make GRHC what it is today.

Would you like to say congratulations, or thank you, to Dr. Huebschman? Use the online cheer card tool and we will deliver it to her. Compliments of Grant Regional Health Center.