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Jeremiah Borke & Dena Wood Named Rising Stars at Grant Regional

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Jeremiah Borke & Dena Wood Named Rising Stars at Grant Regional

Each quarter, Grant Regional Health Center recognizes outstanding employees through the Rising Star program. The program’s nominees personify our remarkable patient experience and our Grant Regional Health Center Values: Respect, Integrity, Professionalism, Community-Minded, Commitment, and Progressive.

The Rising Star Award is designed to recognize Grant Regional Health Center employees who exemplify the spirit of the Rising Star. The employee is productive and will possess quality in carrying out his/her responsibilities in the organization. The employee is an asset to the organization as well as his/her department. Nominations can be submitted by any visitor, patient, or employee. The Rising Star committee selects one winner each quarter from the nominations received.

“At GRHC we take great pride in our staff’s dedication to improve the health and wellness of all generations through high quality, compassionate, patient-centered care. We cannot accomplish all our goals without the extraordinary staff members that work diligently to serve patients and our community. Team VOICE and Team Patient Elevation have collaborated to create the “Rising Star Award” to celebrate employees that go above and beyond and continue to Rise UP! The Rising Star Award is completely nomination based by either patient, patient families, coworkers, or other facilities. Grant Regional is thrilled to acknowledge dedicated employees! Thank you for all your passion and pride that you continuously demonstrate to everyone. We are all lucky to have you as part of our GRHC team,” explains Dave Smith, GRHC President/CEO.

Each individual nominated will receive a certificate, a star pin to add to their name badge, as well as a copy of their nomination submission. The winner is revealed at this ceremony and will receive a Grant Regional Health Center and Rising Star logo’d jacket; a special parking place at the staff entrance and their photo will hang on the new display wall of the North link of the hospital.

Second & Third quarter 2021 nominees are:

Abby Allen, Ginger Ames, Nicole Bahl, Jeremiah Borke, Tami Chambers, Jackie Edge, Carla Jensen, Janet Kirschbaum, Lisa McPhail, Holly Mumm, Lori O’Neil, Nichole Seippel, Tish Wayne, Molly Weigel, Fred White, Clark Williams, and Dena Wood (Not all pictured)

Winners Announced: Jeremiah Borke (Finance) and Dena Wood, RN (Med Surg)

Winning nomination for Jeremiah Borke submitted:
We nominate Jeremiah Borke who exemplifies the spirit of the Rising Star. In late 2020, Grant Regional was without a CFO. As our Accountant, he knew we were rapidly approaching year end and the heavy workload that comes with it. He was ready to take on the challenge of preparing the reports, closing out the year, budget preparations, board meeting financials, and the pending audit. Committed to his job and his team, he organized himself with his task list and buried himself in the workload. He has continued that strong work ethic assisting to onboard our new CFO while continuing with all his duties as we head in the next budget cycle and year end process. His loyalty, great work ethic, and respect for co-workers and staff are shown every day in how he conducts himself in his work environment. He strives to do his very best no matter the situation to make Grant Regional Health Center successful and a wonderful place to work. Jeremiah’s strong organizational skills, positive attitude, diverse knowledge, flexibility, and time management skills make him an asset to Grant Regional.

Winning nominations for Dena Wood submitted:
These past two years have been very challenging, and we are very often short staffed. With so many people picking up and coming to our aid, this is an award I would love to nominate so many of the wonderful nurses we have for. Our managers though, sometimes get left behind. Management is often a thankless job, not being recognized for what they do for us in an attempt to keep our unit whole. I would like to nominate Dena Wood for her exemplary display of leadership. Staying late, well into the midnight hour is something I have witnessed Dena doing on so many occasions. As exhausting as it is, she does it with grace. When she is our resource manager and we are in trouble with staffing, I make one call. She helps troubleshoot, and if we cannot come up with a safe solution, she is willing to come in to get us through troubled times. Without this strong supportive leadership, we would not be where we are today. Thank you, Dena.

Dena has also been a Rising Star as she has helped to lead the nursing staff during these challenging times of staff shortages as we have been working through this pandemic. She fills in where she is needed providing patient care to lead by example and work side by side with her staff.

CONGRATULATIONS Jeremiah Borke and Dena Wood!

Thank you, Jeremiah and Dena, for being Rising Stars at Grant Regional!