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Joan Kruser & Tonya Bainbridge Receive Rising Star Award

Hospital news | Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Contact: Rochelle Williams

Each quarter, Grant Regional Health Center recognizes outstanding employees through the Rising Star program. For fourth quarter of 2021, Joan Kruser BSN, RN, and Tonya Bainbridge BSN, RN, individually received this distinguished recognition. To achieve this honor, the program’s nominees personify the remarkable patient experience and Grant Regional Health Center Values of Respect, Integrity, Professionalism, Community-Minded, Commitment, and Progressive.

Watch the Nominee Video Here.

The Rising Star Award is designed to recognize Grant Regional Health Center employees who exemplify the spirit of the Rising Star. The employee is productive and will possess quality in carrying out his/her responsibilities in the organization. The employee is an asset to the organization as well as his/her department. Nominations can be submitted by any visitor, patient, or employee. The Rising Star committee selects one winner each quarter from the nominations received.

“At GRHC we take great pride in our staff’s dedication to improve the health and wellness of all generations through high quality, compassionate, patient-centered care. We cannot accomplish all our goals without the extraordinary staff members that work diligently to serve patients and our community. Team VOICE and Team Patient Elevation have collaborated to create the “Rising Star Award” to celebrate employees that go above and beyond and continue to Rise UP! The Rising Star Award is completely nomination based by either patient, patient families, coworkers, or other facilities. Grant Regional is thrilled to acknowledge dedicated employees! Thank you for all your passion and pride that you continuously demonstrate to everyone. We are all lucky to have you as part of our GRHC team,” explains Dave Smith, GRHC President/CEO.

Each individual nominated will receive a certificate, a star pin to add to their name badge, as well as a copy of their nomination submission. The winner is revealed at this ceremony and will receives a Grant Regional Health Center and Rising Star logo’d jacket; a special parking place at the staff entrance, and their photo will hang on the new display wall of the North link of the hospital.

Fourth Quarter 2021 Nominees:

Abigail Burns, DNP, APNP; Tonya Bainbridge, BSN, RN; Bobbi Jo Pink, LPN; Jackie Edge, CAN/HUC; Ken Kaiser; Misty Koeller, MS, RN; Joan Kruser, BSN, RN; Sherri Leamy, CMA; Kellie Mack, BSN, RN; Louise Nebel, RN, CCM; Dave Recker, MA, LAT; Chastity Rogers, CNA.

Winner(s) Announced: Tonya Bainbridge, BSN, RN (Cardiac Rehab) & Joan Kruser BSN, RN (Outpatient/Specialty)

Winning nomination for Tonya Bainbridge:
From day 1 she hit the ground running in our Cardiac Rehab program and hasn’t stopped but even more outstanding is that this was an unfamiliar position. She quickly added her enthusiasm and expertise to an already wonderful program and has strived continually to make it even better! Her attention to detail, eagerness to learn and ability to connect with each patient individually is impressive. Even while working minimal hours, her impact is tremendous on all those around her. She has assisted 2 patients through an emotional crisis, knowing exactly what and who they needed during a difficult time. Tonya goes above and beyond for every patient, it’s obvious she wouldn’t want it any other way. I am really the only other employee who gets to work with her on a regular basis, so other staff at GRHC are missing out on this amazing person. My only hesitancy to nominate Tonya was that maybe other departments would find out how amazing she is and whisk her away. But, please know, she is happy with our Cardiac Rehab program and is not looking for other work! We are fortunate to have Tonya on our team!

Winning nomination for Joan Kruser submitted:
Joan is a leader in the behavior standards “All for One, One for All”. Communication between departments has really improved this past year despite the extra stress everyone has experienced and having Joan as the Outpatient Services manager has definitely been a big reason why communication and camaraderie has improved between departments. An example of Joan’s dedication to teamwork occurred on the week of Sat, Nov 20. We had a high Med/Surg census, OB had 1:1 with a baby on IV medications and a few outpatients scheduled, on top of being down an RN. Our Charge Nurse called Joan because she wasn’t sure what to do. Joan came in to help without hesitation. She dropped what she was doing on her day off, and spent several hours with us, taking care of the OP. She maintained an upbeat, friendly, and positive attitude all the while. Joan was pivotal in allowing the floor nurses to provide safe care to their Med Surg patients as well as making sure the Outpatients were receiving safe, appropriate care. Joan truly cares about the wellbeing of her team, which reaches further beyond the walls of the Outpatient department. This is an example of caring for the whole GRHC team. Can’t think of a better way to lead than by example and Joan is that example of how teamwork should be embraced by all.

CONGRATULATIONS Tonya Bainbridge & Joan Kruser! Thank you for being Rising Stars at Grant Regional!