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UW Med Flight recognizes exceptional care

Hospital news | Tuesday, February 9, 2021

It's always nice to hear praise for our unsung heroes in the Emergency Department, but especially when it comes from the heart! And even more so, when our work is recognized by the highly trained and respected team of professionals from UW Med Flight.

"Dear Grant Regional ED (Emergency Department) folks with special shout out to Nichole RN and Jamie RT! Big appreciation to you all for you work the morning of 1/7 with the birth in your ED. A delivery in the ED is always stressful, and this situation was a huge challenge, but everyone rose to the challenge and by the time we arrived that baby was in darn fine shape!! So grateful to have you as community champions for infants and children!
THANKS from Anne Marie RT and Bob RN” [UW MedFlight]

Misty Koeller, Emergency Room Director also wanted to recognize others involved in the excellent care that day including Katie Budack, Dr. Jessica Varnam, Allie Klein, Maria Kindrai, Darcie Dressler, Dr. Williams, and Dr. Smith who played vital roles in the safe delivery of this infant and awesome care of mom after delivery. "Our staff rose to the occasion, delivering and stabilizing a 28 week infant in the ED! And this is only ONE example of the AWESOME care we give everyday in the ED. I am so proud to work with such an amazing group and all we have went though this past year has only made us a stronger team," explained Koeller.