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Bob McKelvey

Best of Care Close to Home

Bob McKelvey of Lancaster had always heard great things about Grant Regional Health Center - that they provided compassionate, high quality care to our community. But it wasn't until he was on the receiving end of that care - that he truly realized what a remarkable hospital we have. "I grew up in Lancaster and after living out of the area for over 40 years, I recently moved back to this community and am enjoying "retirement". Before, I remember thinking it was best to receive medical care and be totally anonymous. Now I have discovered what a blessing it is to have hospital staff know you and truly care about your well-being. I have experienced it first hand during my recent hospital stay following knee replacement surgery."

"From pre-op appointments through surgery and recovery, Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Brad Binsfeld made me feel very comfortable and confident, and I knew I was in good hands," explained Bob. "He answered all of my questions and was so meticulous in how he described my surgery and anticipated outcome. My knee had progressed to a bone on bone situation and I had pain daily for far too long. I was ready and excited to move ahead."

"This is where I tell you how important and how wonderful it is to have all your care in your hometown," explains Bob. "No traveling, no long distance appointments or extended wait times. Once I gave the green light is was ready, set, go. I did
my homework too. I knew that this type of surgery had terrific outcomes, rapid recovery and also knew that Dr. Binsfeld had an impeccable reputation. Everyone I talked to or heard talk of him - all said positive remarks. You can tell he is extremely knowledgeable and will do what's best for his patients. I told Dr. Binsfeld I had several important goals - to be able to walk to the library and bowling alley; to be able to golf and to ride my bike."

On December 17th, Bob's surgery went just as planned. He passed all the marks, worked hard during his inpatient physical therapy and was discharged to go home with in a few days. "I can't say enough about the excellent care I received before, during and after surgery," said Bob. I keep pretty busy in my "retirement" so the hardest part for me was slowing down a bit. I couldn't believe how quickly I was able to get up and move around -- without that nagging pain I had for so long. What really made my hospital stay was the staff. From my doctor and nurses to dietary and rehab staff - they all made me feel so well taken care of. It truly is a community of caregivers wrapped around you. If there was any little thing I needed, they were right there. And my room felt more like a hotel than a hospital room. The new expansion of the hospital is as comfortable as it is beautiful!"

It's been a little over a month and Bob continues physical therapy several times a week and is getting back to his busy self. He is determined to achieve his goals that he mentioned to Dr. Binsfeld and has even pedaled his recumbent bike for over 40 minutes without stopping this week. His bowling team is anxious for his return, which he promises will be very soon. He is able to take the stairs and comments how hasn't gone up and down that smoothly in quite some time. He is looking forward to enjoying "retirement" even more than before!


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