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Burr Family

BIRTHdays 11/28/15 & 6/6/18

Karin Burr decided to have her first labor and delivery at Grant Regional Health Center primarily because of her care provider, Dr. Sheirlie Lamantia. Karin wasn’t always so sure, and she and her husband, Josh, toured a hospital in Dubuque after finding out Karin might need a C section due to the placement of the placenta.

“I was so scared of being separated from my baby right after she was born, in case she needed a NICU, that I thought that I should look at another hospital.” After lots of thought and deliberation, however, Karin knew that she needed to stay with Grant Regional Health Center.

“I decided that the most important thing was that I trusted the person who would help me deliver my baby. I knew that Dr. Sheirlie would do everything she could to be there with me while I delivered and I trusted her 100%.” The rapport Dr. Lamantia took the time to build with Karin was extremely important to her and is a cornerstone of the excellent care provided at Grant Regional Health Center.

Karin is thankful to this day that she trusted her gut on making the decision about where to have her baby. “I can’t imagine having my babies anywhere else. It was as perfect as it could be. My labor was not at all how I imagined it would be and yet it could not have gone better. I had read so many labor and delivery stories about having countless (and nameless) people run in and out of your room while you were having a baby and I hated the sound of that. When it came time to deliver my baby, it was just me, my husband, our nurse Nichole Seippel, and Dr. Lamantia. It was perfect.”

The Burrs returned in 2018 to deliver their second baby but this time Dr. Huebschman was the provider there for the delivery as Baby Boy Burr decided to come early, completely ignoring Dr. Lamantia’s request that he stay put while she was unavailable.

“I will never forget how Dr. Huebschman stood quietly and confidently at the end of the bed while I pushed and pushed. I had labored all during the previous day and night at home and was not prepared to deliver yet (what do you mean it’s too late for an epidural?!) but she told me it was time and that my baby boy was coming. I didn’t think I was ready and was feeling like I couldn’t do it, but she was completely calm. I don’t know if she realized what a huge difference it made that she was so calm and confident as I struggled in pain with self-doubt.”

At Grant Regional Health Center, patients can not only expect excellence of medical care, but the kind of care you receive when the staff are invested in their patients experiences, in addition to successful outcomes. Help us continue to create happy BIRTHdays for future generations to come by clicking on the donate now button and making a donation to our OB renovation campaign. To learn more about the Obstetrics Renovation click here.


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