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Casey Goodrich

Forever Grateful

Christmas came 8 months early to the Goodrich House this year!! We are beyond blessed!! And have these wonderful Angels (along with many more) at Grant Regional Health Center to thank for that!! Words can never express how much we appreciate them!! We are "Forever Grateful!" Happy 8 Months Greta Lynn!! Here is our story...

At our January 10, 2018 ultrasound, we heard the amazing words, “It’s a Girl”! We were beyond thrilled as he had a three-year-old son at home. This little miracle would complete our perfect family! As our ultra sound technician finished up a few measurements of our daughter, a look of concern came over her face. “You have a placenta previa.” I had never heard what that was, so when I asked she told me that my placenta was covering my cervix, and she explained that I would not be able to have a natural birth. I had planned to have a c-section with our second birth, as our first child was born by c-section at Grant Regional in 2014. We had transferred our families care back to High Point and Grant Regional when we found our we were pregnant in September of 2017.

After our ultra sound, we had an appointment with our Doctor, Dr. Eric Stader. We were thrilled to tell him that we were having a Girl. I then told him that they had found a placenta previa in our ultra sound. He too explained that I would have a C-Section which again was no big news that was already part of our birthing plan. Dr. Stader also explained that I would have to have a few more routine ultra sounds to see how the previa was moving throughout my pregnancy.

As we got home, I had this uneasy feeling like I needed to see what this placenta previa was. I began to research Dr. Google and read about this condition. From what I read there were three stages. Marginal, partial, and complete. I had no clue at that point what mine was. I was hoping for one of the first two as they showed the greatest odds to move throughout the pregnancy. A few days later, I received a call from the High Point Clinic about my previa. Unfortunately, mine was a complete covering, and at that point we scheduled another ultra sound for February. At this time, I had spoken with a neighbor who that this condition. She unfortunately, mass hemorrhaged at home and nearly died. She gave me these two important pieces of advice that I took to heart: have a plan and be prepared to have hysterectomy. I took those pieces of advice to heart and carried them with me to my next doctor appointment.

There showed no movement at our February ultra sound. Our motto at that point was to remain optimistic, but prepare for the worse. We utilized those two pieces of advice and developed a plan for home, work, and travel. Dr. Stader consulted with staff from Vernon Memorial Hospital as I would have to deliver there if I was at work. I had drivers lined up for both home and work, and I had medical records in every vehicle, in many of my colleagues, desk along with phone numbers for hospitals and family on hand at all times. Then of course the most important thing we did was pray. We prayed for the health of our little girl, myself, the strength of the medical staff, and of course I always stuck in my prayers please let my little girl be born in Lancaster at Grant Regional. Thank goodness we serve an amazing God who answered our prayers!

As our pregnancy continued and we grew eager to meet our little girl. Our final ultra sound was on Friday, April 20. Still no movement, and in our plan, we agreed to have a scheduled c-section for Monday, May 7 at Grant Regional. Also, during this appointment, Dr. Stader told me that he was going to have Dr. Krynn Buckley scrub in on my c-section. I agreed and off we went to enjoy our weekend.

On the morning of April 25, 2018, our worlds could have taken a drastic twist. I woke up to go to work, but I just did not feel right, so I decided that was going to stay home to be closer to Lancaster. About twenty minutes later, I told my husband that think we should go in to checked out. I called the hospital on when we left the house, and they told us to drive safe and they would be ready when we got there. By the time we got there, I had started to bleed. I went straight to surgery and Greta was born at 7:30am.

During that surgery I lost about 6 units of blood, and my bleeding just would not stop as they had hoped. I finally was able to leave recovery to head back to my room at about 12pm after nearly five hours post-surgery.

Of course, the first thing that I wanted to know was how my baby was doing. I was told at that point that she was being transferred to either Madison or La Crosse to support her breathing because her lungs were not fully developed. I asked to see my husband, and I told him to go with her and that I would be just fine. I did not know the severity of what Greta had went through at this point thank goodness. She had quit breathing for minutes after birth. It took nearly six hours to stabilize her before she was transferred from Lancaster to Madison.

I was going to see her before she was transferred, but at about 12:30pm I started to mass hemorrhage, and I had to go in for my second surgery for a complete hysterectomy. Unfortunately, my previa developed into what is called an accreta and my placenta had grown into my uterus and without doing the hysterectomy I would continue to bleed. During this surgery I again lost a lot of blood. I had to have 12 units of blood plus platelets and plasma throughout that whole day. I literally had almost lost every ounce of blood in my body. I also at one point nearly went unresponsive.

Waking up in the ICU at Grant Regional, will always be one of the best feelings of my life. I knew waking up to a room without windows meant things were pretty serious. After hearing what had all went on during the day, I had the choice to push myself to get through this or feel sorry for myself. The staff at Grant Regional helped support, strengthen, and push me to gain my strength back so I could finally meet my daughter four days later. They comforted, cared, and listened to us in one of the most challenging times in our life. With developing and following the plan we (High Point, Grant Regional, and myself and my family) created, both my daughter and myself are here today which is nothing short of a miracle.

Forever grateful doesn’t even come close to describing how we feel about Grant Regional. There really are no words to sum up the impact the staff made on our lives. Prior to April 2018, I can’t tell you how many times driving through Lancaster I probably didn’t even pay attention or take notice of the hospital situated right there in plain site on Madison street. We drive by and onto our destination and probably in our busy lives, think little of the powerful miracles that quietly happen there every day. Well now each time I’m anywhere close, memories of what we experienced earlier this year cause me to pause, be thankful and realize the important work they do. That important work is something these incredibly skilled and experienced individuals do for our community day in and day out. What we experienced on April 25 is nothing short of a miracle. We know in our hearts we have a beautiful, healthy daughter today because of the highly capable and compassionate care that we received while in Grant Regional’s care...

After hearing our story, people ask how we did it. We tell them that we could not have done it without the care, love, support, and guidance from Grant Regional and High Point. We had complete faith in knowing we were in the best hands possible.

I again want to thank all of your staff for their love and support. It truly means the world to family and myself. Many people have asked what they could do to help during everything. I have two requests, please go home tonight and hug your family because each day is a blessing from above, and also if you get the chance, please donate blood. Without the unselfish actions of many people that made that choice, I would not be here today, and I will be forever grateful for them!

Love, Justin, Casey, Gavin, and Greta Goodrich


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