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Doll Family

BIRTHdays 6/8/04, 9/3/07 & 5/5/10

For Dharma Doll, choosing to give birth to her children Victoria, Eva, and Annabella at Grant Regional Health Center came down to her positive experiences with the caring and capable doctors she worked with as a nurse at Orchard Manor. Additionally, coming to Grant Regional to have children is often influenced by family members in our tight-knit community. “I also have family members who work at GRHC: one a nurse and one a nursing assistant. I did some clinical rotation as (a) nursing student and had a good experience,” states Dharma.

Dharma’s positive experiences with Grant Regional’s staff continued through both of her labor and deliveries. “All my labor, delivery, and postpartum experiences were great!” she says. In Grant Regional’s OB department, much care is given to patients prior to labor and delivery, as well as after. Soon to be parents can prepare for their upcoming delivery with childbirth and breastfeeding courses, and mothers and babies receive follow-up care in the OB department, as well as with the mother and baby’s primary care giver(s).

The Doll family was exceptionally touched by the emotional support they received from the staff at Grant Regional while they grappled with a new diagnosis shortly after the birth of one of their children.

“During the birth of my last child, she swallowed a lot of fluid. She was pretty sick – Dr. Huebschman and the staff worked hard to stabilize her to prevent transfer to Madison NICU. Shortly after she was stable, it was noted that she had some strong features of Down syndrome. The staff were very supportive and shared personal experiences on interactions and encounters they have had with individuals with Down syndrome. It was a scary time for our family but staff was very supportive and caring. These experiences are everlasting.”

Stories like the Dolls’ drive home the difference in care that patients and their families receive at Grant Regional Health Center. Providing excellent medical care is just part of our staff’s work. The personal touch given by every staff member is what makes Grant Regional truly different. Now is the time to help us continue to create happy BIRTHdays for future generations to come by clicking on the donate now button and making a donation to our OB renovation campaign. To learn more about the Obstetrics Renovation click here.


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