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Julia Warrington

Remarkable Recovery after Serious Accident

Julia Warrington of Bagley - Grateful for Excellent Care Close to Home

“On July 23 I was out mowing the lawn in the early evening while the boys were at football practice. I had just finished and it was about supper time. I was coming back across the top of the hill in front of my house and noticed a spot that I missed. When I turned the mower to go back down the hill, the tires didn’t track and I was not turning so I tried to straighten the wheels and the mower started to slide. About halfway down the hill the tires caught and the mower flipped to its side. The handle that lifts the deck impaled my leg at the ankle and forced all of my skin up inside of my leg. I immediately tried to lift the mower off of my leg but I couldn’t move it. I flagged down the first vehicle that went by who in turn flagged down the next vehicle. A young man lifted the mower off of my leg while another person dialed 911. Within minutes he had my leg wrapped in his shirt with a belt around it and he had ran up into my house brought out pillows and got me a towel.”

“It was just amazing how fast things went. Then people started showing up that I recognized - first responders Greg and Shirley Sletten, Pam and Scott Myhre, Amber Martin. The West Grant rescue squad arrived in no time with Denny Cathman, Jody Moris, Helen Struntz and a driver that I don’t remember ever seeing. I remember telling Denny that I really wanted to be taken to the Lancaster hospital (even thought I lived about a lot closer to another hospital), and how relieved I felt when he said you’re stable you can go wherever you want.”

“All the way there I quietly prayed that Dr. Smith would be in the ER. Not only because he delivered two of my kids but because I trust him 100%. Within a few minutes of getting to the ER I knew I had Dr. Smith and right there with him was Dr. Binsfeld, Orthopedic Surgeon. Once they knew what they had to do they called in both Scott and Michelle Bainbridge. Scott did a pain block on my leg and Michelle gave me the anesthesia so they could try to stitch my leg back up.”

“From the time we got to the hospital everything happened so quickly. But I felt so relieved knowing that I was in excellent care. I trusted this group of familiar faces! Michelle Bainbridge was with me for my last delivery and Scott did anesthesia for my carpal tunnel surgery. Not to mention that their father Dave was there for me through many visits including: delivering my children, post eclampsia, gallbladder surgery, knee surgery, colonoscopies and (believe it or not) got me to quit smoking!

“After they gave me some pain medication, I couldn't answer for myself and I couldn't really comprehend what Dr. Binsfeld was explaining to me so my mom who is 88 years old - she turned and looked at Dr. Binsfeld shetold him that we trusted him 100% - that whatever they felt they needed to do was going to be what I wanted, they were right. Later when the plastic surgeon at UW Hospital went back over the information she told me how fortunate I was that I had such a diligent surgeon who had “cleaned” that out because I had been mowing below my septic system and had three different kinds of stomach bacteria in my leg. There was a very good chance I could have ended up with gangrene that could have caused me to lose my leg or possibly even my life. The day after the accident Dave Bainbridge came and sat with me in the hospital for at least an hour and shared stories about his kids and his family and reminded me just how lucky I was. I thanked him again for making me feel guilty enough to quit smoking 11 years ago and told him I wasn’t making him any more pies because I found out he was diabetic.”

“Since then I spent seven weeks going back-and-forth to Madison twice a week with a wound VAC and complications with a skin graft. I was fortunate enough to have my physical therapy at Grant Regional in Lancaster and everyone was just amazing. Through all of this Dr. Binsfeld has stayed in touch with me and kept up on my progress. The nurses and the doctors at the hospital were all beyond fabulous and I found out when I had to go back to the emergency room one night that I was known as the lawn mower lady! I am planning to return to work in December and I am beyond grateful for every person who supported me through this difficult journey. I live closer to another hospital but I choose Lancaster. I was born in Lancaster myself. My parents were from Grant County and we have continued to use Grant Regional Community Clinic and Grant Regional Health Center because the people there are like our family. I can’t tell you what it means when you're in a situation, scared out of your mind, not sure what's coming next and able to look into the faces of people who you know truly are going to do everything they possibly can to take the very best care of you.


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