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Kenneth Klaas

BIRTHday 11/8/55

Kenneth J Klaas was born at Grant Regional Health Center, called Memorial Hospital at the time, in November of 1955 - just months after the hospital opened its doors. Kenneth’s mother stayed in town to deliver Ken, as she knew the hospital was staffed with well-trained people who, in Ken’s words, had a “desire to help people when they seem to be most in need. Good people!”

Ken can recall numerous times through the years that the staff at Grant Regional have been there for him and his family. He considers GRHC to be a huge asset to the community and its surrounding region.

“My mother had told me that I had been born about a month premature. There was a question at that time about my survival so a priest was called in who administered the sacraments of baptism and confirmation. I believe I received excellent care from the staff at that time which has allowed me a good life and a chance to tell this story.”

We are so thankful for stories like Ken’s and want to continue to create happy BIRTHdays for future generations to come.

At Grant Regional Health Center, patients can not only expect excellence of medical care, but the kind of care you receive when the staff are invested in their patients experiences, in addition to successful outcomes. Help us continue to create happy BIRTHdays for future generations to come by clicking on the donate now button and making a donation to our OB renovation campaign. To learn more about the Obstetrics Renovation click here.


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