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Retallick Family

BIRTHdays in 2008, 2009, 2012, & 2015

Sadie Retallick of Cassville had her birthday at Grant Regional (then Lancaster Memorial Hospital) 33 years ago. She said it's special to her that she was born at the same hospital that all four of children were born at too! Sadie and her husband Ben got to know Grant Regional’s OB department well over the course of those four births. “I had Dr. Erin for all of my deliveries. Her commitment to us was amazing. She always went above and beyond for each and every pregnancy.”

Sadie loved the upgrades to the OB department that she benefited from during her last 3 deliveries. “We delivered our first born in the ‘old’ OB department with labor in one room and delivery in another. The other three were in the ‘new’ OB. So much nicer, especially with the private tubs and bathrooms.”

The exceptional care she and her babies experienced over all four of her labor and deliveries is something that Sadie remembers well.

“All four births were entirely different and (during) each and every one we received exceptional care. Even when baby number three turned into an emergency C-section, Dr. Erin and her staff kept cool, calm, and collected. Their care for us afterwards was wonderful. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else and receiving such top-notch care. When baby number four came along and I wanted to VBAC, Erin was so supportive and attentive to every detail, every step of the way.”

We at Grant Regional Health Center want to keep improving the labor and delivery experience and outcomes for patients like Sadie, which is why we are kicking off our OB remodeling campaign. Help us continue to create happy BIRTHdays for future generations to come by clicking on the donate now button and making a donation to our OB renovation campaign. To learn more about the Obstetrics Renovation click here.


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