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Rosie Errthum

"A Christmas Gift"

“I’m so looking forward to our family’s Christmas gathering on December 28/29. Thanks to Grant Regional’s Swing-bed program, I’ll be able to make the trip to Madison to see my family - 80 members in all!”

Rosie Errthum of Lancaster can definitely be described as a go-getter at the age of 88 years young. She’s a mother of ten, enjoys staying active and volunteers regularly in her community. She is always one to help others and takes pride in serving in that role.

But the tables quickly turned when she needed the help of others after suffering a fall in her home on November 12. “I’m very grateful for the excellent care at Grant Regional, my orthopedic surgeon Dr. Brad Binsfeld, and the Swing-bed program for helping me recoup so that I could get back home.”

“My kids describe my fall as a result of me doing the ‘moonwalk’,” Rosie smiles as she explains. “It wasn’t funny at the time, but we certainly get a chuckle at saying that now.” Walking backwards and tripping between the carpet and kitchen flooring, caused her to fall and break her hip, fractured at the top of the femur.

“I’m usually the care-giver so this was quite different for me. I cared for my husband who had Alzheimer’s and then of course prior to that, cared for my large family,” explained Rosie. “I have to say that I was so impressed with our hospital. Dr. Binsfeld, Dr. Eric Slane, Dr. Eric Stader and all the nursing and therapy staff took such wonderful care of me. I’m so grateful to have exceptional care, so close.”

After 3 days as a hospital inpatient, Rosie’s care transitioned to Grant Regional’s post-acute care or better known as Swing-bed program. Rosie and her family appreciated that she could remain at the hospital under this extended care option, so not to disrupt her recovery. They felt her recovery was enhanced by staying in the same room with familiar faces. They felt if she would have moved to another facility, it might have caused her to be confused or slowed her progress. “It wasn’t even a thought to go to a nursing home, since this program was available,” said Rosie. “I wanted to go home but I knew [and my family knew] that I just wasn’t ready quite yet.”

Rosie admits her recovery wasn’t always easy. “I had to work hard to get up and move around and I didn’t always want to. But the staff was very upfront and honest with me and my family. They gave suggestions and advice for the best possible recovery. I was so comfortable during my stay. My room was spacious and beautiful in the new expansion of the hospital. My large family could visit and there were accommodations for my daughters when they stayed overnight with me. I also want to mention that staff included my family in any/all healthcare decisions and that was very important to me. They were treated like guests and I appreciated that very much.”

Rosie was able to improve her strength and mobility and by the time she left on December 3, she was able to walk on her own with the aid of a walker. “I attribute my recovery to the wonderful nursing care complemented by the physical and occupational therapy I received daily while in the Swing-bed program,” said Rosie. Rosie continues to get stronger each week with ongoing outpatient physical therapy at Grant Regional Health Center, working with the same therapists as during her swing bed stay. Her daughter Peggy also added her appreciation for Louise Nebel, RN case manager, for being so helpful in guiding them through this process.

Rosie remembers a special promise from staff... “they made it clear that they would help me reach my goals and that was to get stronger and be able to return home safely. My two goals that kept me going were to get back to volunteering at the Grant County Thrift Shop and to be able to make the trip to Madison for our two-day Christmas family gathering at the end of the month.”

“I want to thank everyone at Grant Regional who took such good care of me and to wish them all a very Merry Christmas. I know that I will be enjoying the greatest gift of all at Christmas - my health and my family”

~Rosie Errthum, Lancaster


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