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It's true what they say…the more kids you have, the greater the love. But the funny [not-so-funny thing is] it's also true with more kids – comes a higher likelihood of trips to the Emergency Room! Sierra from Lancaster knows this all too well. "I love being a mom," she explains. "My kids are my world! Every mom wants their kids to be happy and healthy!" But when accidents or illnesses happen, Sierra knows where she can turn to for trusted, expert, medical attention.

She is a busy, working mom to 6 [yes you heard it right] six busy kids. "I have to admit – we've visited Grant Regional's ER – more times than I'd like in the past few years," explains Sierra. The most recent visit ranked right up with the more serious of episodes. Her 6 year old son Heath and 4 year daughter Annabella were playing in the yard when Annabella went to swing a golf club and hit Heath square in the face, slicing a huge gash in his nose. Sierra was out of town when she got the call. She arrived back in Lancaster at Grant Regional, just before the stitches. "Heath's Uncle Blake was a lifesaver and helped keep him calm," Sierra said. "I was very happy with my son's care and treatment. Dr. Z [Dr. Michael Zeman] took great care of Heath. He's such a caring and kind person." Ten stitches later, Heath was ready to go home.

Annabella had her own episode the summer before that when she fell at the park. "I knew it wasn't good right away after she fell. When she hit her head, it caused her to vomit," explained Sierra. "I remember hearing about how that reaction indicates a concussion." So off they went to the ER again. This time Jolene Ziebart, Family Nurse Practitioner, was the ER provider and recommended an x-ray to rule out any other issues. The x-rays found something they didn't expect to find – a quarter lodged in her throat! They do not know how long it was there – it wasn't causing breathing problems – so thought it was there for quite some time. "We wouldn't have known about the quarter – if she hadn't fallen at the park!" explains Sierra.

Arthur is Sierra's two year old son. One day Sierra noticed he wasn't acting himself. As the day went on he was less and less active until it actually appeared as though he couldn't move at all. She took him to Grant Regional and diagnosed with a severe viral infection and was later transferred by rescue squad to Madison. He was in ICU for six days and has since made a complete recovery. Sierra adds, "Being in a large hospital definitely made me appreciate our small, hometown hospital – great care, and close to home!"

"Brady is my 9 year old," smiles Sierra. "It's sort of common…kids tend to choke on things like food, even water's always a scare, but this one was one time I'll never forget. It happened two summers ago. Brady was choking so bad that we called the rescue squad. Turned out he was actually choking on a City of Dome pin! Then complications arose when the pin that was lodged in his throat, punctured his esophagus and wouldn't come out. I don't know what I would have done without the quick, expert care of the ER staff."

"My oldest is now 16. Looking back, Austin has been pretty lucky health-wise – except for about 5 years ago he broke his right wrist that summer and then the following summer he broke the other wrist! I just can't say enough about our care in the clinic and hospital."

Sierra's youngest Zeppelin is just 4 months old. He's been the healthiest out of the bunch – no accidents or illnesses so far! And hoping that this streak is behind them and only happy, healthy days ahead!


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