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Steve Yoose

Swing-bed patient testimonial

“I’m the type of guy who appreciates some ‘good news’ in the world,” smiles Steve Yoose of Lancaster. And having recently received care through the Swing-bed program at Grant Regional Health Center Steve says, “the exceptional hospital we have in our community is definitely good news– especially to those who might not frequent the hospital or know about the hospital’s recent expansion. “Care this good should not be kept a secret! We are so lucky to have the high quality, patient care in Lancaster and support for our surrounding communities,” explains Steve. “I certainly wouldn’t wish illness on anyone but to know that we have excellent care this close is very comforting and reassuring. I know I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world when medical care is needed.”

“I had back surgery in Dubuque in February and had some complications following surgery. I was pretty down and worried about how I was recovering. We knew I need more time to get stronger and so Grant Regional’s Swing-bed program was encouraged. Things really turned around when I was transferred to this unique program,” explained Steve. “The first night at Grant Regional my son, his wife and 4 grandchildren were able to visit me. My 3 year old granddaughter thinks I’m pretty special – so it completely turned my spirits around just being able to spend time with them.”

“I felt like I was ‘approaching the pearly gates’ before I came to Grant Regional and I think God said ‘Steve the gates aren’t quite wide enough yet’,” smiled Steve. His wife Carol added with a wink, “God must have thought his purpose on earth isn’t quite done yet – we’re not sure what that is – but we’re so blessed to have more time.”

“This is like the “Mayo Clinic” of Grant County. I couldn’t believe the size and comfort of the patient rooms. So spacious. I felt like I was in a much larger facility. People just have to see it to believe it,” said Steve. “When you are going through health problems, you really need to know that staff is there to help. Grant Regional’s nursing staff was always right there in 30 seconds or less. All the nurses were compassionate to my situation. It’s not easy being a patient, but they made me feel like I was their most important patient. I have to say Scott Murray, RN and his excellent nursing care made me really stop and think how lucky we are for the excellent facility but the staff is second to none as well.”

“Daily rehab and activities also really helped me to get stronger and feel more confident about returning home safely,” said Steve. “Another thing that was absolutely top notch was the food. It is phenomenal! I felt like I was eating at a supper club! I had mashed potatoes and gravy and roast beef I cut with my spoon. Good home cooking always warms you up and makes you feel at home. Just another thing that really sets Grant Regional apart from other hospitals.”

Steve’s wife Carol was familiar with the Swing-bed program, having worked at Grant Regional in the past. “I knew about the program but had no idea how important it was going to be to his recovery. Neither one of us had been in the new expansion since it opened and we were both amazed at the changes and enhancements. I had known how difficult it was to bring him home after his knee surgery last year and I was positive that I would need more help following his back surgery this time. I wanted him to be more at ease and comfortable as we transitioned home and this was the perfect answer,” explained Carol. “It really was a lifesaver for me too, having the Swing-bed program available right here in Lancaster. We still farm, so the convenience of being able to run home and do chores and keep things going and not have to travel a long distance made all the difference in the world. I was even able to ‘check him out’ of the hospital for a couple hours and take him to the farm and he really enjoyed that and made him want to get back there sooner.”

Steve is grateful for the Swing-bed program which is designed to provide patients with individualized, in-hospital care when they needed extended time to recover and recoup but no longer need acute care. Patients do need to qualify under Medicare and WI mandate guidelines. Those who have had at least a three day acute hospital stay can take advantage of the Swing-bed program. Patients who benefit from this program are typically those who need rehabilitation to regain strength and mobility following a stroke, injury or surgery such as joint replacement or need IV therapy or complex wound care. Even if patients have surgery at another hospital out of town and aren’t quite ready to return home, our Swing-bed program allows patients to receive extended care here until they feel stronger.

“Many people might know me as the Santa Claus in Lancaster years ago,” recalls Steve. “And after seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child as I have – I’d say we have a pretty precious GIFT in our community – our local hospital.”


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