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Financial assistance

Community Responsibility Policy Plain Language Summary

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Grant Regional Health Center’s (GRHC) Financial Assistance Policy (FAP) exists to provide eligible patients, partially or fully-discounted emergency or other medically necessary healthcare services provided by Grant Regional Health Center and/or Grant Regional Community Clinic. FAP-eligible individuals will not be charged more than the amount generally billed for emergency or other medically necessary care to individuals who have insurance covering such care.

Each patient’s financial needs are evaluated according to the level of his/her household income, in light of relevant facts and circumstances, such as reported income, assets, liabilities, expenses, and other available resources.

Free care is available to patients whose household income is less than or equal to 200% of the federal poverty level; and discounted services are available for patients whose household income is less than or equal to 300% of the federal poverty level. These patients are generally un-insured or under insured individuals. Other criteria beyond Federal Poverty guidelines are also considered (i.e., availability of cash or other assets that may be converted to cash, and excess monthly net income relative to monthly household expenditures), which may result in exceptions to the preceding. If no family gross income is reported, information will be required as to how daily needs are met.

In order to determine if you are eligible for financial assistance you will need to complete an application. The FAP and FAP application are available upon request and without charge in the following manners: (1) paper copies are available at public locations in the facility; (2) paper copies will be supplied by mail upon request from the Business Office; and (3) electronic versions are available on GRHC’s website at If The Business Office is available to provide information about the FAP and can provide assistance with the FAP application process.

The Business Office is located at 507 S. Monroe St., Lancaster WI, 53813, and can be reached by phone at 608-723-3204.

The FAP, FAP application, and plain language summary are also available in Spanish.

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