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We're ready to help with your recovery

We understand there are times when a patient no longer needs acute care at a hospital—yet it may not be safe, or they may not be strong or well enough to return home. For those patients, we offer a comfortable alternative with our post-acute care, the swing-bed program.

What is swing-bed?

Swing-bed is an extended care opportunity for individuals who are continuing to recover, but no longer need acute care at the hospital.

Our swing-bed program is designed to provide patients with individualized, in-hospital care. This includes nursing and therapy services to achieve a maximum degree of independent functioning and confidence prior to their returning home safely.

Swing-bed allows the patient to be close to home and their support system during their recovery.

Who is involved in your care?

The multidisciplinary team providing services includes: physicians, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, nursing staff, dietitian, pharmacy and social worker/case management staff. Staff can also arrange visits from your clergy.

Who qualifies for the swing-bed program?

Medicare Part A and qualified insurance plans provide the following eligibility guidelines:

  1. Skilled care needed directly related to an acute care hospitalization.
  2. A physician order and authorization.
  3. Stable medical status.
  4. Medicare Part A: Patient has had a three-day acute hospital stay within a 30-day period (from any hospital).

Wisconsin mandate: Supplemental insurances allow at least 30 days of skilled care after a hospitalization if medically necessary.

Who could benefit from this program?

  • Patients who need rehabilitation to regain strength and mobility following a stroke, injury
    or surgery such as joint replacement.
  • Patients receiving IV therapy or complex
    wound care.

Comforts of home during your stay

Our newly expanded patient rooms were designed with patient comfort in mind, with an abundance of natural light, calming colors, and enhanced technology and services. The new space symbolizes our commitment to a patient-centered model of care. This type of environment provides the best of both worlds—important care and support patients need with the comforts of home for an enjoyable recovery period.

How long can I stay?

A swing-bed program is considered an accelerated post-acute care program. The average length of stay is generally 7 to 30 days. The length of stay depends on patients' needs and Medicare/insurance authorization.

Once a patient is admitted into the swing-bed program, eligibility is reviewed on a daily basis by GRHC staff. To remain in the program, the patient must be participating and making progress in addition to the criteria listed above.

What happens after the swing-bed program?

Each patient makes progress based on individual medical needs and rehabilitative potential. The multidisciplinary swing-bed team will continuously monitor your progress and evaluate new goals until they determine you are ready for discharge. A patient may be referred for further home health or other outpatient/rehabilitative and community services after discharge if needed.

Frequently asked questions


Our team is focused on helping you gain your independence. As a swing-bed patient, you'll be encouraged to do as much as you can for yourself.


We expect you to wear your own street clothes, and we ask that family or caretakers provide personal laundry service.


We expect you to take part in daily activities and therapies to enhance and help you achieve your independence. If there are other activities that you enjoy, they may be brought in from home. Please talk to a member of your care team before you bring them in.


Optimal nutrition is important in recovery and continued good health. The dietitian will work with you and your doctor to design a meal plan to meet your needs.

Temporary leaves

It may be possible to leave the hospital for a few hours. Please discuss this with a member of your care team.

Doctor visits

Your physician will be available for consultation or as needed.

Important to note

We are often asked if the patient's bed actually swings. Swing-bed is a term used to describe the program but the bed does not swing or move. Patients use the standard hospital bed which is stationary.

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