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Régenique—skin rejuvenation

Régenique is a medical skin rejuvenation program offered at Grant Regional Health Center. This scientifically proven medical skin care program is the only program of its kind in the Tri-State area. The closest program to it is available at expensive salons in Chicago. Régenique smoothes wrinkles, lightens discoloration and reduces acne to reveal fresh, glowing skin. This medical breakthrough actually restores your skin's health and vitality. You'll enjoy a relaxing treatment that will renew and restore your youthful glow. Whether you are a teen struggling with acne breakouts, or you want to erase fine lines and wrinkles, this program can provide noticeable results in just one treatment series. Sessions are priced individually ($75) or in a series of six ($400).


The first step—microdermabrasion—removes the top layer of the skin in a safe, therapeutic and effective way. The skin is gently smoothed and polished in preparation for the next two steps.


A revolutionary ultrasound device deeply heats the layers of the skin, while the electrical stimulation gives a deep therapeutic massage to the tissue. This step is essential to the maximum absorption of the skin-specific topicals in the final stage. This also increases circulation and promotes elasticity in all skin types.


In the final step, custom-formulated skin-enhancing products and the exclusive silicone treatment mask work together to renew, restore and preserve all skin types. This includes condition-specific topicals for both problem and aging skin. Toxins rise to the epidermis in the form of perspiration. The toxins burn off and the remaining water grabs the topical product and drives it into the dermal layer, creating super hydration to the layer of skin and treatment of the skin condition at the dermal level, where the problems begin.

Régenique offers extraordinary results. If you suffer from any of the following skin conditions, consider how this program could help you achieve healthier-looking skin!

  • Aging—Improve color and regain skin's youthful glow by eliminating dryness, sluggish fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration and congestion.
  • Hyper-pigmentation—Restore even coloration, fade dark spots, blend lines of demarcation, and give skin a clearer look.
  • Acne—Reduce inflammation, comedones, redness, irritation, soreness, blotchiness, dehydration and oiliness.

Proven results

Studies reflect that 87 percent of patients using the new Régenique medical skin procedure have achieved dramatic results, including:

  • Ultimate regeneration of skin.
  • Tone improvement, dramatic wrinkle reduction, renewed texture and an overall enhanced appearance.
  • Significantly better treatment for aging, acne, pigmentation, scars and surgical procedures.

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