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Center for Advanced Treatment for Heartburn

Grant Regional Health Center is excited to announce the launch of the new Center for Advanced Treatment of Heartburn. Learn more

General surgery

Our general surgeons take a team approach to ensure that procedures are handled with the utmost skill and expertise, with a focus on safety and rapid recovery. Learn more


Services offered include joint replacement of the shoulder, hip and knee; arthroscopy, carpal tunnel release, fracture care, tendon repair and arthritis care. Learn more

Primary care

Grant Regional Health Center acquired the community clinic in 2013 to expand services and increase convenience for patients. Learn more

Women's health

Our women's health services offer individualized gynecological care that includes contraception, reproductive medicine and treatment for urinary incontinence. Learn more

Lisa's lymphedema

As a busy and organized elementary school principal, the last thing Lisa had time for in her schedule was a debilitating health condition. Read more

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