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Grant Regional Health Center to Expand Clinic Location to Fennimore Community

Hospital news | Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Contact: Rochelle Williams

Grant Regional Health Center is excited to announce future plans to build a family practice clinic in Fennimore and will break ground this summer. The vision for this expansion includes a multi-faceted approach to bringing additional healthcare providers and services to the Fennimore community. Services such as Lab, Radiology, and Rehabilitation are an important component of this clinic expansion.

Artist rendering of the future clinic which will be located at 1525 LaFolette Street, East on Hwy. 18 next to Fennimore Smiles and across from Southwest Tech campus.

Artist rendering of the future clinic which will be located at 1525 LaFolette Street, East on Hwy. 18 next to Fennimore Smiles and across from Southwest Tech campus.

"Fennimore is a growing community and we have seen an increase in patients from this area come to our Lancaster clinic. That increase in volume prompted us to consider bringing these important services to their community," explains Dave Smith, President/CEO of Grant Regional Health Center. "We want to support and invest in forward-thinking communities that are looking to grow and flourish by keeping services local."

“Early in this process I connected with Fennimore community leaders, Chamber of Commerce, and city officials to pose the question - are more healthcare services needed and wanted in your community?" explained Dave Smith. "The answer came back a resounding YES. Our market share data indicates there is still a large number of people traveling out of the area for primary care in addition to other ancillary services. Fennimore has always been very important to us - and I believe this investment demonstrates our commitment to serve their healthcare needs now and well into the future."

Ryan Boebel, Mayor of Fennimore adds, “I am extremely excited about the new facility GRHC has decided to construct in our city! Since the day the council decided to split the lot in our business park to allow for the construction of a dental clinic, I had envisioned how great it would for the community if a healthcare provider would be willing to build on the remaining portion of the lot. I was elated the day Mr. Smith and I had the discussion of his desire for a Fennimore project, as this was exactly the dream I had in my head. I can say comfortably that I believe the community will be as excited as I was once the news gets out of this great addition to Fennimore.”

Grant Regional’s new clinic will feature local care and convenience including:

  • Grant Regional primary care providers - 5 days a week, scheduled & walk-in appointments available
  • Laboratory and Radiology services on the main level that any area clinic can utilize
  • Rehabilitation services including Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy with gym/treatment space in lower level with ground floor access

High Point Family Medicine, LLC (HPFM), which currently leases Grant Regional's existing clinic building at 1255 11th Street in Fennimore, plans to lease a separate clinic space on the main level of Grant Regional's new facility. HPFM's clinic operations are anticipated to remain the same until the new clinic is open and then will relocate to the new location to avoid disruption for patients. Drs. Slane and Stader have been caring for patients in the Fennimore area since 2003 and are excited to move into the new space.

“On behalf of the City of Fennimore, the Fennimore Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Fennimore Industrial and Economic Development Corporation, we are proud and honored to support Grant Regional Health Center’s expansion to the Fennimore community,” said Jessica Helms, Community Development Manager for the City of Fennimore. “Due to the close proximity to Grant Regional Health Center’s campus in Lancaster and the high level of care provided to our residents, Grant Regional Health Center is already a widely respected healthcare organization in our community. They have made it their mission to provide the highest quality care to area residents. We strongly believe that our residents will find great value in having that high level of care available right here in our community. We are looking forward to this partnership and believe it will provide a significant positive impact to our community.”

Grant Regional has started working with Delta 3 for the design and engineering of the clinic. A bid for construction will be out in the near future. “Our goal will be for the new clinic space to utilize enhanced technology and efficient design to support our staff and provide convenience, safety and comfort for patients and visitors. The proposed 8,000 square foot facility will be located at 1525 LaFolette Street, East on Hwy. 18 next to Fennimore Smiles and across from Southwest Tech campus. The sale of the lot and proposed building site was finalized this past week allowing the project to move into the next phase of development.

The financing group is headed by Peoples State Bank and includes Community First Bank and Royal Bank. In addition, this project will be partially funded by a USDA Impact Grant, that has awarded rural hospitals funding to advance ideas and solutions to solve regional rural health care problems to support the long-term sustainability of rural healthcare services.

"This is a big step forward for us and for new and current patients in the Fennimore area. We're excited to show our commitment to them and see our plans come to life to improve access and expand important healthcare services right in their neighborhood," said Smith. "This isn't just important for patients seeking care, it's important for the entire Fennimore community. When we can keep healthcare local, it translates into keeping people in their community for other services as well. If they leave town to access care elsewhere, they inevitably stop, shop, purchase and support other businesses which ends up affecting the local economy...not to mention the time and cost savings for patients who choose to support local is sure to have a big impact overall."

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